What if you could enter the world of design — today?

Engaging your creativity is fulfilling. Creating dazzling designs is gratifying. Enjoying a design course made for teens is just — no words.

You’re bored sometimes.

Not the kind of boredom that mounds of homework will solve.

And you don’t mean that you want to wash the dishes Ma, thanks.

And there’s even a limit to how long you can spend on the phone (gasp!).

What if there’s something that plays to your strengths, is productive and fulfilling, and gives you valuable skills in a fun environment?

That perfect package exists:

Welcome to BeTeen

Graphic Design


Video + Animation

Digital Illustration

There’s your friend who’s the dancer and the one who aces every test.

Become the designer.

BeTeen offers a variety of design courses, designed* for creative teens like you.

We give you the stage to enhance and showcase your talents, learning how to create designs that will dazzle classmates, your jealous sibs, and that teacher who asks for a poster and gets a masterpiece she never saw coming.

*yes, that was on purpose😉

Whether you are a teen that

Is Creative

(You have ideas pouring out of you, but they don’t really help you when it comes to boring math work)

Loves tech

(You’re always fiddling around on the computer, but there’s a limit to the things you can teach yourself)

Wants to learn something useful

(Let’s face it… you’re not going to be a scientist when you’re older)

I love that it is so well geared to teens and their interests

The Bold Edge teen courses are so clear and informative, the perfect course for beginner designers. One major part that I love is that it is so well geared to teens and their interests. After each lesson, I always feel like trying out the things I learnt. I have created so many cool things with the motivation of this course: collages for friends, picture edits for siblings, labels for boxes and even some paid work for other people!

Rivky C., GD Teen

Hallmarks of BeTeen courses


Get questions answered by our expert staff on email or phone.

USB or Online

Home-based: Sweats and slippers, here we come! Internet-free option.

Educational fun

Enjoyable lessons will teach you a skill that’s in high demand.


We work out a schedule that works for you, and you choose when to complete it.


Weekly check-in calls will keep you motivated to finish assignments.


Receive full feedback on assignments by design pros who’ll help you level up.

If you start now, where will you be at 25?

That designer whose work you drool over?
Chances are she wasn’t yet doing design when she was 15 or 16.

Which means, if you start now, you could be a legit master by the time you’re in your twenties. Imagine being 25 and saying you have 9 years of experience!

Look, our courses are fun, and maybe that’s all you want it for: a fun and kosher outlet to make your high school years more enjoyable.

But if you’re like many of the teens who take our courses, you might get hooked on design. And if this is what you want to make a parnassah from eventually, you’ll have a huge head start.

The course was really great, clear, and fun to take

I loved the independence I had with the USB option, that I could learn wherever I wanted to.

I actually used the course as a building block for my work and now do professional albums, photo books, and logos.

I totally recommend this course!

Devoiry, Photo Creative

I learned how to use it on a practical level

I really loved how in-depth the course was and that the videos showed me how to use it on a practical level.

have been using it for all different purposes. Last year, I made Purim labels for my friend, designed a logo for a different friend who teaches piano. I also designed a wedding monogram and welcome cards. I’ve used it to just have fun and fix up photos.

Gitty G, GD Teen

Let’s take you from creative to a creative

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